Mastercard® PlatinumTM
Concierge - Personal Assistant and Services

Mastercard Platinum cardholder expects the best in every aspect of your life. That's why the Mastercard Concierge - Personal Assistant works tirelessly to help you meet that goal. It's like having a personal assistant on the phone, 24 hours a day.

Our mission is to simplify and enrich the lives of our Mastercard Platinum cardholders. We understand what your passions and preferences are, and what we can do to save you time and improve your lifestyle.

That's why we put at your disposal the Mastercard Concierge - Personal Assistant, who offers immediate personal assistance at any time and place, privileged access to exclusive services and experiences and tailor made solutions. From finding the perfect restaurant in New York (and making reservations), finding the perfect gift and getting it delivered on time, or getting tickets to the biggest entertainment event of the year, and more.

In addition, it has assistance in case of an emergency. That is to say, when you lose your card, you can inform us and request an emergency card as a replacement or a cash advance, you will have medical travel assistance and you will be able to understand the details, balances, benefits and information related to your card. All this can be done by communicating to a single telephone number, from which our agents will assist you during the 24 hours, no matter where in the world you are.

From the Dominican Republic, or any other location, call the United States directly or toll-free at 1-829-954-8445 and select the option you want to access:




  • Activity information on your card - Option 1

  • Mastercard Concierge - Personal Assistant - Option 2

  • Travel Reservations - Option 3

  • Benefits of your card, insurance and assistance while traveling - Option 4




    Emergency global assistance

    If you are in an emergency situation that is related to your card, call Mastercard Global Services™ immediately to inform us of your lost or stolen card. If you need a new card during your trip, with the approval of your issuer, you can receive a temporary card the next day in the United States, and within two business days practically anywhere in the world.


    Our personal assistants are specialists in getting access to any kind of entertainment event, from rock and pop concerts to ballet and opera, sporting events, Broadway or West End shows and all kinds of nightlife at home and abroad. Even better - they can also get special access (eg, private boxes or behind-the-scenes visits) as well as attendance at premieres and entry to events and 'impossible access' restaurants.

    Information Services

    Whether on business or pleasure, our team of personal assistants can provide you with details and advice on travel destinations, business protocol in foreign locations, and passport and visa requirements. They can also provide information on tours, entertainment, sports, fairs and exhibitions; As well as restaurant recommendations around the world.

    Travel and assistance coordination

    Personal assistants frees you from the stress of your travel experience, are prepared to help you plan and book your trip or even locate lost luggage on any airline. The personal assistants can make the contracting of transports, yachts, airplanes and private trains and rental of properties (short term). It is all designed to allow you and your family to concentrate on enjoying your trip.


    If you need help getting trustworthy services, our personal assistants can recommend commercial services (eg secretaries and messaging); Local and home services (eg, plumbers, electricians, babysitters and personal trainers); And professional services (eg doctors, dentists and lawyers). Mastercard Concierge Personal Assistants have this valuable information and much more at their fingertips.

    Search and delivery of gifts

    Finding the perfect gift takes time and effort. As experts in the local and international markets, the team of Mastercard Concierge - Personal Assistant will be in charge of managing your purchase and delivery. An exclusive service that provides total peace of mind to Mastercard Platinum cardholders.