Hong Kong Harbour

Mastercard® Platinum

Prime features inspire unforgettable experiences

Mastercard Platinum empowers you with the flexibility to explore the places and pursuits that mean the most to you. The combination of worldwide acceptance and valuable features means that you have the freedom to do exactly what you want, whenever you feel like it. And travel-specific features and benefits give you the exceptional service you've come to expect from your Mastercard.

Mastercard Platinum travel benefits

Unlock exclusive travel benefits with your Platinum card

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Mastercard Platinum Card cardholders have demanding and busy lives, so they often can benefit from extra support and help. Our concierge service is like having a personal assistant on call 24/7/365.

MasterAssist Plus

In case of a medical emergency during your trip, Mastercard Platinum will coordinate and provide assistance to help you with any unforeseen problem.

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Master Rental

If you rent a vehicle with your Mastercard Platinum Card, you are eligible for worldwide coverage for damages to the rental car caused by collision with another object, theft and/or accidental fire.

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