Priority Pass

The Priority Pass program provides eligible Mastercard Black™ cardholders with access to more than 800 VIP lounges at major airports in more than 120 locations around the world, with all their privileges. Regardless of airline, frequent flyer membership, or purchased ticket class, eligible Mastercard Black cardholders will enjoy all airport room amenities.

Who is eligible:

• Mastercard Black™ cardholders who have a Priority Pass card issued in their name.

How the Priority Pass Program works:

• Before traveling, cardholders can go to and view a directory of airport lounges available around the world.

• Eligible cardholders must present their cards as members of Priority Pass to obtain admission; Guests are allowed at the discretion of each room.

• Cardholders will enjoy refreshments, newspapers and complimentary TV. In addition, there is access to office facilities, including telephone, fax, internet and conference rooms (subject to availability).

1. When using the Priority Pass Card or, if applicable, the corresponding Digital Membership Card, the holder accepts these Conditions of Use. These Terms of Use shall prevail over all other conditions established for the Priority Pass Card holder In relation to the use of the same or its corresponding Digital Membership Card.

2. The Priority Pass Card is non-transferable and is valid only with the signature of the holder and until the expiration date. No other person, other than the designated holder, may use the Priority Pass Card. A Priority Pass Card may only be used per visit to the VIP Room.

3. The Priority Pass Card is not a payment card or proof of creditworthiness. Any attempt to use it for such purposes could be considered fraudulent.

4. Admission to a VIP room is subject to the submission of a single Priority Pass Card or, if applicable, a corresponding Digital Membership Card, per person (there may be restrictions for holders of the Priority Pass Select Card and the Priority Pass Card In the United States, if your membership has been obtained through a US financial institution). Payment cards will not be accepted as a replacement for the Priority Pass Card.

5. Visits to VIP lounges are subject to a per person visit fee. When applicable (according to the membership plan), such visits, including accompanying guests, will be charged to the cardholder's payment card by (i) Priority Pass or (ii) the issuer of the card, according to the rates and conditions communicated To the holder by (i) Priority Pass or (ii) the issuer of the card, in relation to its Priority Pass membership.

6. Priority Pass may amend visit rates to VIP Lounges at any time, notifying any modification 30 days prior to completion. In case the holder of the Priority Pass Card receives it with the intermediary of a third party or issuer, any modification of the rates of visits to VIP Lounges will be notified to the latter, who will be responsible for informing the holder. The holder agrees that the Priority Pass Group of Companies will not be responsible for any dispute between himself and the card issuer, nor any loss suffered by him or her related to VIP Room visit charges applied by the issuer of the card card.

7. In the event that the holder does not accept any modification in the visit charges to the VIP Room, the holder has the right to terminate his / her affiliation, prior written notice, either directly to Priority Pass, or to the issuer of the Card, who will then be responsible for informing Priority Pass of such termination. In case the issuer of the card does not comply with such responsibility, it will be responsible for the costs incurred by the owner as a result of its non-compliance.

8. When presenting the Priority Pass card at the entrance to the VIP Room, room staff will scan by electronic means or print the card and provide a visit receipt voucher to the cardholder or make an entry in The visit record. The card holder must sign the receipt receipt voucher, or sign the electronic reader (as applicable), which will also include the exact number of accompanying guests, if any, but not the visit charges per person. The visit fee applied to the cardholder, where applicable, and for each guest will be calculated based on the voucher of the visit / registration receipt submitted by the operator of the VIP Room.

9. VIP Room staff will make a printout of the Priority Pass voucher or registration when appropriate and the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that the "Visitor Record", receipt or entry voucher correctly reflects their own use of The VIP Room and the one of any of its guests at the moment in which such use takes place. When applicable, the holder will be responsible for keeping the copy for the "holder" of the "Visitor's Record" voucher or receipt that has been provided in the VIP Room.

10. If applicable, cardholders may use the Digital Membership Card for access to the VIP Room. It is a bar code that represents the card holder's Priority Pass card and is not transferable. It is valid only until the date of its expiration, and can not be used by any person other than its holder. The use of the Digital Membership Card on the cardholder's smartphone, tablet or other device will be subject to inspection by VIP Room personnel, including manipulation of the device. Priority Pass will not be liable for damage to the appliance by a VIP Room staff member.

11. The Digital Membership Card is not accepted at all Priority Pass VIP lounges. In case the VIP Room is not able to accept the Digital Membership Card, the member must present the physical Priority Pass card in order to be able to enter. Cardholders are advised to check the Priority Pass website or mobile application in order to confirm whether the VIP Lounge accepts the Digital Membership Card. Likewise, it is advisable to always have the physical Priority Pass card when visiting a VIP Room.

12. The children's right of access to VIP rooms and the rates for such visits vary according to the rooms and it is recommended to the owner to check the description of the room that he will visit before starting the trip.

13. All participating VIP lounges are owned by third parties responsible for their operation. Cardholders and accompanying guests must act in accordance with the regulations and policies of each participating VIP Room. The holder accepts that the Priority Pass group of companies does not exercise any control over the decisions of the operators of the VIP lounges as to the admission of any holder, the number of persons allowed in any room at any time, the services offered, Opening and closing hours, the duration of the holder's stay in the room, or the charges for long-term visits to the rooms or for personnel expenses in the rooms. Priority Pass administrators will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the benefits and services are available as advertised but the licensee agrees that the Priority Pass group of companies can not guarantee in any way that all benefits and services, Or any of them, are available at the time of your visit.

14. The holder also accepts that the Priority Pass group of companies is not liable for losses incurred by the owner or by any accompanying guest, resulting from the provision or non-payment (total or partial) of any of the benefits and Services advertised.

15. Participating VIP lounges are not required to advertise flights. The holder accepts that the Priority Pass Group of Companies will not be liable for losses, direct or indirect, resulting from the fact that he and / or accompanying guests do not embark on his flight (s). It will be the responsibility of the holder to check the corresponding entry requirements in each location that visits and be in possession of the correct documentation necessary for his trip.

16. The free alcoholic beverage service (if permitted by law) will be at the discretion of each VIP Lounge operator and may be limited or not available in some cases. In such cases, the holder will be responsible for paying any charge for the consumption of these drinks or premium alcoholic beverages directly to the staff of the VIP Room (see the description of each VIP Room for details).

17. Telephone and Wi-Fi services (where available) vary by VIP lounges and are offered at the discretion of the operators. Free use of telephone services is usually limited to local calls. The charges for any other service of the VIP Lounges will be applied as each operator decides and the holder will be responsible for paying them directly to the staff of the same.

18. Admission to VIP Lounges is strictly subject to the possession, by the holder and any of his guests if permitted, of a flight ticket and travel documents valid for the same day of travel. Access may be restricted to those employees of airlines, the airport and other companies in the travel industry that have reduced fares. Outside of USA The flight tickets must be accompanied by a valid boarding pass for a scheduled departure flight, ie only passengers in transit outbound. We inform you that some VIP Lounges in Europe are located within designated Schengen areas of the airport, which means that only those holders traveling between Schengen locations are allowed access (see the updated list of Schengen locations at http: //

19. Admission to the VIP Lounges is subject to the fact that both the holder and all his / her guests, if permitted (minors included), comply with the rules of behavior and attire corresponding to the conditions established by said rooms. Anyone who does not meet the conditions can be asked to evacuate the premises of the room. The Priority Pass group of companies is not responsible for the losses suffered by the owner or any of his guests, in case the operator of a room has denied them admission to it for breach of their conditions.

20. To the extent permitted by law, the Priority Pass Group of Companies disclaims any liability arising out of the actions of the owner during its use of any of the participating VIP Lounges and any liability for personal possessions which the Themselves.

21. The loss, theft or damage of the Priority Pass Card should be notified immediately (i) to the Priority Pass issuing the card or (ii) to the issuer of the card, who will be responsible for providing a card replacement. A charge for issuing a replacement card may apply.

22. In the event that the holder cancels or does not renew his / her affiliation with Priority Pass or his / her payment card with the issuer thereof, the validity of the Priority Pass Card shall cease to be effective on the date of cancellation or expiration Corresponding) of the affiliation or payment card. Visits to VIP Lounges made by a holder in use of an invalid card, including those of any guest, will be charged at the holder's account. In the event of revocation of Priority Pass membership due to cancellation of the cardholder's payment card, Priority Pass reserves the right to take legal action to recover any outstanding payments. The cancellation of the affiliation must be notified in writing to the card issuing Priority Pass office.

23. The renewal of the conditions will be carried out according to the absolute discretion of Priority Pass. Priority Pass has the right not to grant membership to persons employed or hired by airlines, airports, or government institutions in airline or airport security work.

24. If the holder has opted for automatic billing, Priority Pass membership will be renewed automatically, provided that it does not cancel it in writing, at least 30 days before its conclusion.

25. If the holder has opted for traditional billing, Priority Pass membership will expire on the completion date, except in the event that the holder has informed Priority Pass in writing that it wishes to renew it prior to that date.

26. The Priority Pass group of companies will not be responsible for any conflicts or claims that arise from the interaction between the partners and / or guests with the VIP room operators; The Priority Pass group of companies will not be responsible for the payment of costs, compensation, losses or expenses caused by such conflicts.

27. The Priority Pass Group of Companies reserves the right to revoke Priority Pass membership or to close the Priority Pass program at any time, at its absolute discretion and without prior notice. When applicable, a proportional reimbursement of the annual fee or affiliation payment (whichever corresponds) will be made, provided that the revocation has not occurred as a result of fraudulent or improper use by the holder.

28. The owner agrees to defend and indemnify the Priority Pass Group of Companies, its directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively "the parties subject to indemnification") with respect to any liability, damages, losses, claims, lawsuits, , Costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of injury or death of any person, as well as damages and destruction of any property, related to the use of any passenger room by the owner or any other person who With the proviso that such compensation shall not extend to acts of gross negligence or willful misconduct of the parties subject to compensation.

29. Priority Pass does not disclose any income, uses, indirect taxes, or other tax liabilities of the holders that result from their Priority Pass membership. Holders are advised to consult their accountant or tax adviser for more information. The owner will be solely responsible for any tax liability resulting from his / her affiliation with Priority Pass.

30. The Priority Pass page may contain links to other pages, offers, or programs that are owned or operated by third parties and are not owned or controlled by the Priority Pass group of companies. The Priority Pass group of companies does not assume any responsibility for the content of any of the pages owned by third parties nor for the exchange of offers offered by them. The Priority Pass group of companies will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise in the event that the card user makes use of third party links, offers and programs.

31. When using the Priority Pass Card, the holder is aware of the use of their personal data in accordance with the Priority Pass Privacy Policy available at or by prior written request to Priority Pass, Cutlers Exchange, 123 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BU, United Kingdom.

32. By providing your payment card details when paying the annual membership fee, the holder accepts that such data will be used for the payment of any visit to a VIP Room at the rate corresponding to the date of the same .

33. The Priority Pass business group makes a constant effort to improve the services it offers. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Priority Pass. Priority Pass reserves the right to monitor telephone calls to ensure the maintenance and improvement of services. All complaints related to a VIP Room visit must be submitted within six months of the visit.

34. To file a complaint, you may contact: a. By telephone: United Kingdom, +44 208 680 1338, Hong Kong +852 2866 1964, USA. (Dallas) +1 972 735 0536 b. By Mail: Priority Pass, PO Box 815, Haywards Heath, RH16 9LR, United Kingdom c. By email:

35. Priority Pass agrees to try to respond to your inquiry within five business days of receipt. If it is not possible to respond to the inquiry in that period, we will send you a notification informing the cardholder of the progress made by Priority Pass.

36. Priority Pass reserves at all times the right to modify the present Conditions of Use, subject to prior notice to the holder with reasonable precedence according to the circumstances.

37. To the extent permitted by local law or regulation, these Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. Priority Pass and the owner are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England to settle any dispute arising out of these Terms of Use.

38. Any provision of these Conditions of Use declared null or non-guaranteed compliance by any competent authority or court shall be deemed to be separable, to the extent that it is null or non-enforceable, without affecting Other provisions.

39. In case of conflict between the meaning of the English version of these Terms of Use and any other version or translation thereof, the English language version shall prevail.

Key Terms and Definitions (General)

Up-to-date: means an Account that is up-to-date on your fees and payments and that follows all other requirements of the issuer. 

Account: means the International use of an open and current Mastercard Black Credit account (not canceled, suspended or delinquent) 

Issuer: Means a Bank or financial institution (or similar entity) or Corporation and / or Government Institution that is admitted and / or authorized by Mastercard to operate a Mastercard program in the Mastercard Black Credit card issuing Territory. 

Mastercard: means Mastercard International (or Mastercard Worldwide), a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA. Principal cardholder at 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577. 

Cardholder: means a person who has an eligible Account and whose name is on the surface (recorded or otherwise) of a Black Credit Mastercard card, provided by An Issuer in the Issuing Territory. 

Important: Contact the financial institution that issued your card in case you have questions related to your account, such as account balance, line of credit, billing inquiries (including exchange rates Transactions), disputes with merchants or information about additional services not described in this Guide. Your financial institution's phone number must be available on your monthly billing statement. 

General Provisions and Legal Notices 
 These benefits and services are effective as of January 1, 2016 for eligible Mastercard Cardholders. This document replaces any program guide or communication you may have previously received. The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. This document is not a Policy, nor a contract, nor a guarantee, nor a promise of insurance or other benefit. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies or other benefits, all of which are subject to change by Mastercard or the insurers or other service providers, at any time and without notice . The provision of services is subject to availability and legal restrictions. The designated service provider for non-insurance services and benefits provided to cardholders has the final authority to determine and respond to any claim, comment, query or dispute relating to the use of the Cardholder benefit program. 

Cancellation: Mastercard may cancel these benefits at any time or choose not to renew the insurance coverage of all Cardholders. The coverage or insurance benefits provided by these programs may terminate on the date indicated in the Master Policy between Mastercard International and the Insurance Company; Or terminated on the date your Mastercard is terminated or ceases to be a Valid Account, whichever occurs first. If a benefit / program is canceled, Cardholders will be notified in advance, as soon as reasonably practicable. The effective time for any Cancellation referred to in this section will be 12:01 am Eastern Time. 

Valid Account: (1) In order to enjoy the benefits, coverage or services, your Mastercard card account must be open, valid and current; And 2) If, on the date of an accident, event or incident that causes or results in a loss covered by an insurance plan, your account is not open, valid and up to date, or incurred in arrears, collection or Cancellation, the Benefits will not be paid and the coverage will not apply. 

Confidentiality and Security: We may disclose all information we collect, As described above, to companies providing administrative services on our behalf only in connection with the insurance coverage you have received. We limit access to personal information to our employees, employees of our affiliates, or others who need to understand that information to service the account or during the normal course of our business operations. To protect your personal information, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. 

© 2017 Mastercard 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions, limitations,


Before traveling, cardholders can go to and view a directory of available airport lounges around the world.