Airport Concierge™

Mastercard Airport Concierge, an exceptional service, helps you relieve some of the stress associated with air travel. As a Mastercard Black cardholder, you may have a special "Meet and Greet" agent to drive you through the airport at departure, arrival or any connecting flight. And in some airports it is also possible to speed up your passage through the Security points and / or the Immigration process. 

This service will save you time and effort during your transfer. It is perfect if you travel alone or with your family to an airport you are unfamiliar with, require assistance with connections on complex itineraries, or simply want additional peace of mind when traveling through a busy airport. It is also ideal for family members who travel alone and whose care and safe arrival wish to guarantee. 

All services are planned in advance, so you can save time while traveling through the airport. If flights are canceled or reservations and travel arrangements change, your "Meet and Greet" special agent can provide you with a comfortable travel experience. 

Available 7/24/365 in more than 450 destinations worldwide, Mastercard Airport Concierge is your passport to the best of air travel. If flights are canceled or reservations and travel arrangements change, your "Meet and Greet" special agent can provide you with a comfortable travel experience. 

Who is eligible:

Mastercard Black cardholders who use their card to pay for the service.

Additional Services Available:

• Luggage / trunk assistance.

• Limousine Service / Executive Self Service.

• Transfers in Auto / Transfers in Car with Chauffeur.

• Access to the Halls.

• Car Parking Service.

• Personal Buyer Service.

• Transfer to the Track.

• Electric Stroller.

• Reduced Mobility Assistance (PMR) / VIP Wheelchairs Assistance Option.

• Collection and Delivery of Premium Luggage (subject to availability).

• Hotel / Meeting rooms.

• Gift services upon arrival.

• Pre-reserved Airport Provider Service.

• Cloakroom service.

• Service for children traveling alone.

• Reservations for train travel.

1. Definitions:

"GAC" means Global Airport Concierge Ltd, its parent company, affiliated companies, associates and subsidiaries under the trade name GAC, or any other applicable trade name.

"Agent" means a service provider employed as a subcontractor by GAC, including its respective officers, employees, agents and representatives or subcontractors.

"Meeting" means the place and time at which you are greeted, received, or collected by the Agent or his representative.

"Customer" or "Passenger" refers to the traveler, person or entity to whom the Service is delivered.

"Services" means the Airport Concierge services provided by GAC.

"Terms" means these terms and conditions and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the parties.

"Hazardous or Non-Permissible Goods" means any property that is, or may be, harmful, dangerous, flammable or explosive, illegal or prohibited, and property of a similar nature or which presents or may present a comparable risk.

2. Terms of use:

By using or any website affiliated with GAC, or any third-party website through which GAC services are provided, you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which will take effect immediately.

If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following Terms, do not access and / or use GAC's products, services, booking tools or websites.

3. Your responsibilities and obligations when using a GAC ​​service:

It is your responsibility, for services that start at airports, stations or ports, to ensure that you locate and wait for your Representative at the meeting point at the specified meeting place. In the event that you can not locate your Service Agent, it is your responsibility to contact our 24-hour Customer Support department by calling 0044 (0) 8000 124 007 for immediate assistance.

In case of making any reservation through the Customer Services department it is your responsibility to provide all the required information correctly. Any failure or delay in the information may affect the service and GAC will not be responsible for any of these events.

It is your responsibility, in case you can not locate your representative at the start of a service, call the relevant telephone number as shown in the email or confirmation text message before taking alternative measures. You acknowledge that failure to follow the procedure may be considered a "no show" and no refund will be made.

It is your responsibility to notify GAC or the representative of any circumstance that would alter the time and place of the Reserved Service meeting. For example:

• If you change the time or cancel the flight before your departure.

• If there is a progressive or recurring delay of departure before boarding.

• If your flight changes to a different flight number and / or a new carrier.

It is your responsibility to choose and reserve a start time that has sufficient time for the service to be performed or the formalities completed on time.

It is your responsibility to state in advance any Hazardous or Not Allowed Goods that will be transported, and you (i) acknowledge that GAC and its Agents are under no obligation to provide Services to a Customer in possession of such Hazardous Good, and you (ii) To indemnify and hold harmless GAG and its Agent from any and all damages, losses, damages, claims, costs or expenses that GAC or its Agent may incur directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of this requirement.

4. Product and Services:

GAC will contract service partners, hereinafter referred to as Agents, to perform all or any part or parts of the Service.

The Service usually begins when the Agent's representative meets with you and usually ends when the Agent leaves you.

A Departure, Arrival and Transit service entitles you to a maximum time of 3 Hours. Any time longer than these hours may incur additional charges.

Although the Airport Concierge service is a VIP Reception and Assistance service, we, without additional charges, provide Fast Track whenever it is available and allowed by the relevant Authorities.

Access to the area of ​​operations at some airports may be subject to possible security restrictions; If this is so, we will notify you at the time of reservation.

5. Prices and Inclusions / Exclusions:

Prices are based on the rate at the time the offer is made, and are converted to the currency shown at the prevailing foreign exchange rate as provided by GAC. All prices include all airport, local and service taxes.

Price quotes and price lists can change without prior notice up to seven days before the start time of the service. If a physical modification is requested to an order or Service Reserved by the traveler or who made the reservation and is accepted by GAC, the corrected price will use the rates and exchange rates existing at the time of the change and there may be additional expenses.

The base price quoted at the time of the request will include all known charges for the Service that has been requested. The prices do not include the foreign departure tax, immigration customs expenses, for example, visa charge, security, port charges, customs, immigration, agricultural, charges for use of facilities for passengers or taxes of international transport.

Prices do not include discretionary gratuities / gratuities to representatives; However we follow a NO TIP policy with our employees and agents.

Prices do not include the supply of any additional product unless explicitly stated as included.

If you make a purchase using a GAC ​​promotion code, or if you accept a discount or a GAC ​​special offer price during the application process or at the time of payment, that discount or special offer price may be voided if you make any Change or modification to your itinerary once the purchase is complete. GAC may decide, in its sole discretion, to honor your discount or special offer price if you make a change or change after purchase. GAC reserves the right to cancel your discount or special offer price if you make any changes to the service you have requested.

6. Payment:

There will be no contract between you and GAC until the request becomes a Confirmed reservation. A service is considered to be confirmed (a "Confirmed Service") once

A. GAC has issued a reservation reference number; 

B. GAC has issued a reservation confirmation; 

C. GAC has received payment in full;

In the same way that you can cancel and receive a full refund up to 48 Hours of service time prior to the Service Meeting time, GAC may correct the quoted or billed price if the existing sale price changes due to cost change Underlying, exchange rate movements, system error or human error. If the revised price quote is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. GAC will not change the price of a Reserved Service, as defined above.

Payment by credit card is required to make a reservation. The payment will be listed as Global Airport Concierge Limited on the credit card statement.

There is a 3.5% service charge for processing card payments.

The amount charged by GAC will be the amount due in the currency used for the reservation, which will be US dollars. UK, pounds sterling or euros, depending on your selection at the time of reservation. GAC may not know or influence the exchange rate and policies that are applied by your bank or card trade in determining the final charge.

GAC may take any steps it deems reasonably necessary (i) to protect the details of its card (which will be under GAC's possession) from misappropriation; And / or (ii) protect itself and its Agents from any delay in receiving payment for a completed Service. These steps may include prior authorization of the charge and verification of the details of the card and the available credit of the card.

A chargeback occurs when you dispute a charge made on your card. If you make an unjustified countercharge, GAC will charge a $ 75 fine and will disclose all unjustified chargebacks to, which may result in you being prohibited from placing orders with any company using www.ChargeBackProtection. Org Some examples of unjustified chargebacks are (i) the issuance of a frivolous, false or unjustified complaint, (ii) the start of an unjustified dispute with the card company, (iii) the refusal to pay for a duly rendered Service, and Any charges derived, (iv) refusal to pay charges due for late booking, modification, cancellation or non-presentation.

Refunds will be made whenever you have paid in full and the reservation is eligible for a refund. For a reservation originally paid for a charge / credit card, any refund will be processed automatically to the original charge / credit card account that paid for the reservation and no other refund method will be possible.

7. Cancellation, modifications and variations:

GAC is a fixed price service and the price charged is for the Confirmed Service.

If the Confirmed Service is modified or canceled prior to the Meeting time or varies during performance (a "Change"), GAC and its Agents may require payment of additional charges.

Any charges incurred due to a Change before the Meeting time will be billed and billed by the GAC of the designated charge / credit card.

GAC may accept modifications within 48 hours prior to the scheduled Meeting time, however it will incur an additional charge. If a change is requested more than 48 hours prior to the Meeting time, a Service may be materially modified, or be materially reduced in value, or materially delayed by the Passenger, subject to a Charge for Change to the Cardholder's card GAC as follows:

• If the Change is accepted more than 48 hours before the meeting time, a Change fee will not apply.

• Within 48 Hours, the modifications will incur a 50% charge.

If the Reserved Service is canceled before the time of the Meeting a refund will be available:

• If the Cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the Meeting Time a 100% refund will be applied.

• If the Cancellation is made within 48 hours of the Meeting Time, no refund will be applied.

Non-Presentations or Services rejected for any reason will be charged at 100% of the value of the work.

Proof of Modification: Voluntary Modifications or cancellation will only be considered as accepted when GAC sends an acceptance confirmation by email to the requested email address.

Insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase a pre-departure Travel Insurance Policy that covers the charges you will incur in case of delays or changes in flights, changes in airport conditions, and lost or damaged luggage.

8. Complaints and Disputes:

Any complaint or dispute regarding the provision of a service must be notified to GAC in writing via email within 2 weeks of the date of the service start time. It may not be possible to investigate the complaint received later than 2 weeks after the date of service provision.

9. His statement:

You acknowledge that, or upon making the reservation, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Conditions.

You acknowledge that you have not entered into this agreement on the basis of any representation made properly by or on behalf of GAC and you have not relied on any correspondence, statement or sales literature issued by third parties independently or on behalf of GAC.

You acknowledge that you have voluntarily accepted these Conditions in the knowledge that GAC's liability will be limited in accordance with these Terms and the price charged by GAC has been properly calculated and that a higher price could be paid if it were not for such limitations.

You acknowledge that these Conditions, subject to and in conjunction with any variation agreed in writing between a GAC ​​Director and you, will constitute the entire agreement between GAC and you and will void or replace any prior agreement or agreement between GAC and you and, in particular, Excluding any term and condition at any time imposed by you in writing or verbally, and will supersede any prior version of these standard terms and conditions.

10. Use of the Website:

If you do not accept the following terms of use, do not use this website.

You agree not to use, reproduce, republish, download, publish, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use the content of (including text messages, images, URLs, price information , Etc.) in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use.

You agree to use and GAC affiliated websites solely for legal purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe, restrict or inhibit the rights to use and enjoy to others. Your use of or any GAC affiliate site is for your personal, non-commercial use and / or making legitimate requests to reserve the products or services offered, unless GAC agrees.

You agree not to use this site to make any speculative, false or fraudulent solicitation.

You agree not to use robots or other automated means to access this site, unless specifically permitted by GAC.

Generally, we will use the personal information you have provided us with the purpose of completing your request for any of our services and products, credit checks in the case of applications, and for understanding how we can improve our services to you. If applicable, we may also use the information to conduct internal research on demographics, interests and behavior of our users, in order to provide you with the latest news on our channels and interesting special offers, or for direct marketing purposes if we consider that it may be Interested in the products and services of some of our affiliates or third parties.

Some of the GAC services may be offered in conjunction with partner companies. In order to provide you with such trademarked services, it may be necessary to share your personal information with our partner companies. If you do not want your data to be shared, you can choose not to allow the transfer not using that particular service.

Websites that have links on our website may collect personally identifiable information about you. The data protection practices of these websites connected to GAC are not covered by this policy statement. We recommend that you verify the data protection policies of those third-party websites before using them.

GAC may also disclose your information in special cases when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, communicate or take legal action against someone who is causing harm, or interfering (intentionally or unintentionally) with the rights or property of GAC, Other GAC users, or any other person who may be harmed by such activities. GAC may disclose user information if we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

We have made every effort to secure our website for your protection including security certifications but GAC can not guarantee protection against any hacking or any leaking of Internet information. GAC can not ensure or guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us through the Internet, and you do so at your own risk. Once we have received your transmission, we will put our best efforts to ensure your safety in our systems.

11. Legal Notices and Limitations of Liability:

GAC is not responsible for the cost, loss or damage of any luggage or property transported during the Service; However such loss or damage may occur.

GAC's entire liability to you under any and all circumstances including non-performance shall be limited to an amount equal to the charges paid by you to GAC for the Service concerned.

Under no circumstances will GAC or its agents, affiliates, agents, suppliers and / or distributors be liable for any of the following losses or damages (regardless of whether such losses were anticipated, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (A) loss of data ; (B) loss of earnings or anticipated gains; © loss of business; (D) loss of opportunity; (E) loss of goodwill or damage to reputation; (F) losses suffered by third parties; Or (G) any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of the use of the site or the GAC Products or Services regardless of the form of action.

If GAC or the Agent were liable for any loss or damage that may arise or is in any way connected with any of the functions described herein, the liability of GAC or the Agent shall in no event exceed GAC's maximum insurance coverage or The Agent, whichever is less, and the details of the same are available upon request 7 days in advance.

GAC shall not be liable for any breach by its Agents of its obligations and / or any cost, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance beyond our reasonable control. Without limiting the generality of the above, the following should be considered as "Force Majeure" circumstances: explosion, fog, flood, extreme weather conditions, typhoons, hurricanes, fires, epidemics, serious road closures, state / diplomatic visits ; Wars, hostilities, embargoes, blockades, invasion, mutiny, revolution, civil disturbance, or acts of terrorism, ash cloud, strikes, forced or boycotts, labor dispute (but not the agent's own workforce) from work; Acts or restrictions or regulations or statutes, revocation or refusal to grant a license or permit, confiscation under legal process, prohibitions, or measures of any kind by any governmental or competent authority (including airport authority), or temporary suspension of access To any part of an airport where access is required to provide the Service, or failure of a public service (including, but not limited to, electricity, gas, water, Internet or telecommunications).

GAC will not be liable unless a written GAC complaint is made that identifies the nature of the claim and the amount claimed within seven (7) days of the completion of the Delivery.

Product information is collected from sources around the world. GAC checks the details about all the products and services it offers but can not verify the accuracy of all the information provided by its global sources. Reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure that the content of this website is correct and up to date but is subject to amendment at any time without notice, and is provided "as is" and "as available" without any representation of any kind of warranty (Both expressed and implied by law) to the extent permitted by law, including implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, safety, and accuracy.

GAC does not warrant that the functionality, content or information contained on or any affiliated GAC website will lack interruptions or errors, that these defects will be corrected, or that or the servers that provide the service They have no viruses or errors.

12. General :

GAC sólo dispondrá los Servicios para Clientes sujeto a estas Condiciones. GAC y su Agente se reservan el derecho bajo su absoluta discreción de rechazar la prestación del Servicio a cualquier Cliente en cualquier momento.

Cualquier renuncia autorizada por parte de GAC o el Agente de cualquier incumplimiento de las presentes Condiciones en el que Usted incurra se limita a esa infracción en particular. Una demora por parte de GAC o el Agente en actuar contra una infracción no debe ser considerada una renuncia.

Estas Condiciones pueden ser cambiadas por GAC de cuando en cuando sin aviso. Las Condiciones subsistentes y aplicables están disponibles a solicitud y son publicadas en el sitio web del grupo GAC. GAC puede cambiar estos Términos y Condiciones en cualquier momento publicando un aviso de los cambios en línea.

Una persona que no forma parte de ningún contrato regido en su totalidad o en parte por estas condiciones (salvo un oficial, empleado, agente, representante o persona sub-contratada de GAC no tiene ningún derecho o beneficio de los términos y condiciones.

Los términos contenidos en cada cláusula o sub-cláusula de las presentes Condiciones son separados y distintos. Cada uno puede cumplirse por separado. Las partes acuerdan que si cualquier cláusula o sub-cláusula es declarada nula o ineficaz por cualquier razón, sino que se encuentra vigente y efectiva si parte de la redacción de los mismos ha sido eliminada, la cláusula o sub-cláusula se aplicará a las modificaciones que puede necesario para que sea válida y eficaz, y no invalida las otras condiciones.

GAC se reserva el derecho a grabar cualquier conversación telefónica con usted y hacer uso de dicha grabación en ningún procedimiento.

Estas Condiciones estarán sujetas a las leyes de Inglaterra y Gales y las partes se someten a la jurisdicción no exclusiva de la Inglaterra y Gales.

Salvo disposición en contrario en estos términos y condiciones de reserva, sus derechos legales no se ven afectados.



• Mastercard Black ™ cardholders enjoy a 15% discount on the regular price of services. 

• The price of the services varies based on the season and availability of the same. 

• Contact your Master Concierge Blackcard to make a reservation to the following telephone numbers: 

From Dominican Republic: 888-245-7935 . From Abroad: 1-636-722-8882 .