Master Car Insurance

Master Car Insurance is a smart way to save and receive valuable insurance coverage when you rent a vehicle with a Black Credit Mastercard. Reward Points also apply, provided all additional taxes and charges are paid with your Black Credit Mastercard or with the Reward Points associated with your Mastercard Black Credit card. 

When you rent a vehicle using your Black Credit Mastercard, you will be covered for damage to the Rented Vehicle caused by collision with another object, overturning, theft, vandalism, accidental fire and physical damage as a result of hail, lightning, flooding or other causes related to the weather. For instructions on claims, 

Who Has Coverage : 
- Mastercard Black Credit Cardholders and those designated as Authorized Drivers in the Rental Agreement. 

To obtain Coverage : 
- Initiate the transaction under your name and pay the total security deposit of the Rental Company using your Black Credit Mastercard and sign the Rental Agreement. 
- Authorized Drivers whose names appear as a driver in the Rental Agreement will also be covered; 
- Pay the entire rental transaction (tax, 
Gasoline and airport fees are not considered rental charges) with your Black Credit Mastercard and / or points earned through a Rewards Program associated with your card prior to withdrawal or immediately after the return of the Rented Auto, and - You must refuse Any insurance, which provides partial or total coverage for collision damage and / or loss damages (CDW / LDW) offered by the Rental Company. 

Duration and Scope of Coverage: 
- Coverage begins when you pick up the vehicle and ends when you return it, limited up to sixty (60) consecutive days, worldwide . 
- Coverage is not available where prohibited by law. 

Cardholders may have trouble using MasterRental benefits in some locations or with some Vehicle Rental Companies. The cardholder should contact the car rental company before making a reservation. 

The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions or other provisions of any program or insurance benefit provided by, or to Mastercard, or issued to Mastercard.

The Type of Coverage you receive:
- Master Car Insurance provides a maximum benefit of up to USD † 75,000; Per incident. 
- Master Car Insurance provides "primary" insurance coverage to Cardholders or Authorized Drivers who are legally responsible and permitted under the law for charges to the Rental Company under the Rent Contract for damages caused by Auto Collision Rented with another object ; Or theft of the rented car; Or by overturning; Accidental fire; The Vandalism; Or physical damage as a result of hail, lightning, flooding, or other weather-related causes. 
- The renewals one after another of the Rental Periods are covered as long as the Insured Person returns to the Rental Agency from where the Rental Contract was issued and requests a new Contract. 
- Coverage is also provided for equipment or accessories installed in the van for the purpose of assisting a disabled driver. 
- The Coverage also extends to losses caused by or as a result of Acts of Terrorism. 
- Benefits for Reasonable and Custom towing charges are provided, due to a covered loss, to the nearest qualified repair facility. 

Coverage Conditions / Limitations Coverage is provided for the "lower" amount of: 
1. The contractual liability assumed by the Insured Person with the Rental Company to the Real Cash Value, subject to a maximum benefit amount of USD † 75,000 ; Or 
2. Reasonable and customary repair or replacement charges, towing charges; And 
3. Charges for Loss of Use for a reasonable period while the Rented Auto is being repaired backed up by a flotilla and location specific use class report. 

Which Vehicles are Covered ("Rental Vehicle"):
- All land motor vehicles with four or more wheels, which the Insured Person has rented during the Rental Period, as shown at the time of the Rental Agreement. 
 - Coverage is provided for vans only if these are standard vans with standard equipment and designed with a capacity of nine (9) passengers or less. 
- Luxury or exotic cars that meet the definition of Rental Vehicle are covered up to a maximum benefit amount of USD † 75,000. 

Which Vehicles Are Not Covered (Excluded Vehicles):
- All trucks (except for Four Wheel Sports Utility Vehicles unless designed for off-road use), vans, full-size vans mounted on a truck chassis, Off-road vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, motorcycles, and any other vehicle having less than four wheels; Cars of collection (cars that have more than 20 years or that have not been manufactured in the last 10 years), limos and any other vehicle under lease. 

For any questions, to confirm the coverage of a particular vehicle or to file a claim please call the Mastercard Global Service™ toll free number in your location or call collect directly to the United States at: 1-636-722- 8883 (English); 1-636-722-8882 (English); 1-636-722-8881 (English). 

What is NOT Covered By Master Car Insurance (Exclusions)

The Car Insurance Plan does not cover any loss or damage caused by or as a result of: 

1. any obligation that the Insured Person assumes under any Contract, Other than the deductible obligation under the Insured Person's Automobile Insurance Policy. 
2. the rental of a vehicle that does not meet the definition of a "Rental Vehicle", as defined herein; 
3. any collision that occurs while the eligible Insured Person is violating the Rental Contract; 
4. any loss covered by Collision Damage Insurance (total or partial) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Waiver of Loss Damage (LDW) purchased through the Rental Company; 
5. rentals made monthly unless the Eligible Insured Person returns to the place where the Rental Contract was issued and requests a new contract. 
6. deterioration by use, freezing, Mechanical failures unless caused by other losses covered by this program; 
7. injury to someone or damage to anything inside or outside the Car Rental; 
8. loss or theft of personal belongings and / or items lost or stolen: from, inside, around, around or outside the Rental Vehicle (for example including but not limited to navigation systems, radio / estero, car seats) ; 
9. personal liability damages; 
10. intentional acts of the eligible Insured Person or loss because the Insured Person was under the influence of alcohol, intoxication and / or drugs; 
11. the participation of the Insured Person in an illegal activity; 
12. loss caused by an unauthorized driver; 
13. Theft of the Rental Vehicle when the Insured Person can not present the Rental Vehicle's keys as a result of negligence; 
14. Subsequent damages resulting from failure to mitigate damages once a loss has occurred. 
15. tire blowouts or tire / rim damage occurring independently of vehicle damage or theft or vandalism to the Rental Vehicle and / or tire, or which has been proven to be the immediate cause of other damage to the Vehicle. Rental; 
16. depreciation, decrease in value, administrative charges or other charges levied by the Rental Company; 
17. wars or hostilities of any kind (for example, invasions, rebellions, insurrections, riots or civil unrest); Confiscation by any government, public authority or customs official; 
18. the use of the Rental Vehicle to transport passengers as a public service vehicle or for public transportation; 
19. value added tax or similar tax, unless the reimbursement of said tax is required by law; 
20. interest or conversion charges imposed by your financial institution; 
21. loss or damage as a result of the Insured Person's lack of reasonable care in protecting the Rental Vehicle before or after the damage occurs (for example, leaving the vehicle unattended and unattended). 
22. AIG (The Company) and / or corresponding Reinsurer, Will not be responsible for providing any coverage or making any continuation of payment if doing so implies being in violation of any law or regulation of penalties that would expose AIG (the Company) and / or corresponding Reinsurer, its parent company or its subsequent controlling entity to Any sanction under any law or sanction regulation. 

Helpful Hints:
• Check your rental vehicle for any prior damage before leaving the rental lot and notify the Company of any damage. 
• Review the Rental Vehicle Agreement in detail to make sure you are giving up the CDW / LDW. 
• Be aware of the terms and conditions of the Vehicle Rental Agreement. 
• Please, Remember that all Authorized Drivers must be in the Rental Agreement. 
• In the event of a claim, notice must be given to the Car Insurance Master Claim Center within 30 days of the date of the incident. Failure to give notice within thirty (30) days of the date of the incident may cause the claim to be denied (see "How to File a Claim").
• At the time of the accident or when the rented vehicle returns, be sure to immediately request that the Rental Company provide you with: 
a) Copies of the Accident Report Form and claim document, which must state the costs of what you are Responsible and any amount paid for the claim; 
B) Initial and final copies of the Rental Contract (s); 
C) Copies of the repair quote or detailed repair account and two (2) photographs of the damaged vehicle (if available). 

Definitions Master Car Insurance Serious Accidents: means, including but not limited to, physical damage to the vehicle, collisions between two vehicles, mechanical damage, unmanageable vehicles or air bags are fired, theft or partial theft and an accident of one vehicle. 

Minor Accidents: means, including, but not limited to, parking knocks, dents, broken windshield, damaged wheel only. 

AIG (The Company): means the Company that signs the Insurance Coverage. 

Up to date: Means an Account that is up to date on its fees and payments and which follows all other requirements of the issuer. 

Reasonable and Regular Charge: refers to a charge in an amount made consistently by other sellers / providers for a given service in the same geographic area and that reflects the complexity of the service taking into consideration the availability of trained repair personnel, availability of parts , And the seller / supplier's dedication to repair the damaged vehicle (measured by the total proportion of repair time for the total time the vehicle is in the seller's / vendor's possession). 

Authorized Driver: refers to the person (s) who travels with the cardholder and whose name (s) appears as an eligible driver in the Rental Agreement. 

Rental Agreement : means the entire agreement or agreement that an eligible Insured Person receives when renting a Rental Vehicle at a Rental Company, which describes in detail all the terms and conditions of the rental transaction, as well as the liability of all parties That intervene in said contract. 

Spouse: means the spouse or spouse of the Cardholder, as legislated or regulated by local laws, and who lives in the same residence as the Cardholder in the Cardholder's location of Residence. 

Account: means the International use of an open and updated Mastercard Black Credit account (not canceled, suspended or delinquent) at the time of: 
- Loss, For the coverage of Master Auto Insurance. 

Issuer: means a Bank or financial institution (or similar entity) or Corporation and / or Government Institution that is admitted and / or authorized by Mastercard to operate a Mastercard program in the Mastercard Black Credit issuance Territory. 

Rental Company: means any legally authorized commercial vehicle rental company that leases rental cars. 

Injury: means a bodily injury caused exclusively and directly by violent, accidental, external and visible means that result directly and independently from all other causes during a Covered Trip while this policy is in force. 

Mastercard: Means Mastercard International (or Mastercard Worldwide), a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA. . UU, with principal place of business at 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577. 

"domestic partnership" means a same - sex or opposite sex, who has met all the following requirements for at least 12 months: (1) Remains together with the Insured Person in the cardholder's principal residence; (2) shares the financial assets and obligations with the Cardholder; (3) is not related by blood ties with the Cardmember to a degree of closeness that prohibits a legal marriage; (4) is at least of age in the state in which they reside; And (5) neither the Cardholder or Facto Couple is married to any other person, Nor does he have another Partner of Fact. 

Loss of Use: refers to the reasonable and usual charges that the Rental Company charges while the vehicle is being repaired, and which are confirmed by a record by class and specific location of fleet utilization. 

Rental Period: means up to 60 consecutive days Insured 

Person (s): refers to a Mastercard Black Credit Cardholder as well as any other person identified as eligible in the "Who Has Coverage" section of each program in this guide. 

Policy: means the insurance contract and the attached endorsements 

or attachments issued to Mastercard Points or Reward Program: Means a program developed / offered by Mastercard and the issuer, which allows Cardholders to accumulate value (miles points, cash, etc.) and redeem rewards (merchandise, travel, etc.) on an eligible Mastercard. Eligible Rewards Programs must be the result of transactions made with a "plastic" card associated with Mastercard, regardless of the value earned (points per mileage, cash, etc.). Reward Programs in which points are not generated by transactions made with a "plastic" card, or are not associated with Mastercard at all, are not considered eligible Rewards Programs. For a Cardholder to be eligible for coverage, he / she must pay all associated taxes, Shipping and handling fees and any other fees required with your eligible Mastercard or with Reward Points associated with your Mastercard. 

Theft: refers to the unlawful act of taking a Rental Vehicle or any original factory-installed part of the Rental Vehicle owned by the Rental Company, without the cardholder's consent and / or other users authorized by Contract Of Rental, with the intention of depriving the owner of its value. 

Services: means the performance or delivery of labor, maintenance, repair or installation of products, property or property. 

Cardholder: Means a person who has an eligible Account and whose name is on the surface (recorded or otherwise) of a Mastercard Black Credit card provided by an Issuer in the Issuing Territory. 

Issuer Territory: means the Latin America and Caribbean Region where the products were registered and / or their registration is in process but the regulator has approved the benefit for sale, which includes but is not limited to: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Grenada, Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti , Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Santa. 

Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, US Virgin Islands, Uruguay and Venezuela Market Value: means a) the amount a seller can expect to obtain for merchandise, services, or securities in the United States. free market; B) the price at which something could be sold based on what they would sell under current market conditions; C) the price of destroyed or damaged merchandise. 

Real Cash Value: means the amount in which the value of the Rental Vehicle is determined based on its Market Value less salvage (if applicable), year and state at the time of Loss. 

Vandalism: means the senseless, reckless, And the malicious destruction of all or any part of the Rental Vehicle by unknown persons to the Insured Person in a circumstance that prevents the Insured Person from exercising due diligence regarding the protection of the Rental Vehicle. 

Rental Vehicle: means motorized land vehicles with four or more wheels, which the Insured Person has rented during the Rental period, at the time shown in the Rental Contract. A van is covered only if these are standard vans with standard equipment and designed with a capacity of nine (9) passengers or less. Vehicles under a lease are not a rental vehicle. 

Disclaimer of Liability: The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions or other provisions of any program or insurance benefit provided by, or to Mastercard, or issued to Mastercard. 

How to File a Claim 

In the event of a claim, the following procedures must be followed:

1) You (the Cardholder) or the beneficiary, or someone acting legally on behalf of either of you, must notify us as required by the Notification Period of the Claim; Otherwise, your claim may be rejected. Upon receipt of notice of the claim, the Plan Administrator, Or the Insurance Company will provide the applicant with the required Claim Form (s); 
2) Complete the claim forms in full, signed and dated 
3) Present all Required Information (Proof of Loss), as explained in this section, within the Submission Period from the date of notification of the Complaint 

Please note that additional information may sometimes be requested in order to process your claim. It is your responsibility to provide this information to process the claim. 

To request assistance in completing a claim, please call the Mastercard Global Service™ toll free number in your location or call collect directly to the United States at: 1-636-722-8883 (English); 1-636-722-8882 (English); 1-636-722-8881 (Portuguese). 


Period: Within thirty (30) days from the date of the loss 
Period of Filing: No later than one hundred and eighty (180) days after the date of Notification of the Claim. 
Required Information (proof of loss):
       A) Original receipt stating that the total rental amount was paid with the Mastercard Black Credit card. 
       B) Copies of the original Rental Contract (front and back). 
       C) Authenticated copies of police reports for any Serious Accident. A copy of the police report may also be required if the claim is more than USD 500 †; 
       D) An internal damage document such as an "Incident / Accident Report" from the rental company, a detailed repair bill or the estimate of any Serious Accident. A copy of the Incident / Accident Report may also be required if the claim is more than USD 500 †; 
       E) Other documents, such as promotional material from the Mastercard benefits program or the Vehicle Rental Company, etc., if applicable. 
       F) Copies of the record of fleet use of the company of rent of vehicles, If there is a claim for "loss of use" charges. 
       G) Cardholder's statement showing that you are eligible according to the definition of "Account" in the Key Terms and Definitions section (General) 

Please note that additional information may be required in order to process your claim. It is your responsibility to provide this information in order to process your claim. 

Present all the information required above indicated by: 

1. Upload the documentation at: 
2. E-mail: 
3. Fax: 1-216-617-2910 
4. Ordinary mail: Benefits Mastercard Assistance Center 
       c / o Program Administrator at Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. 
       PO Box 89405 
       Cleveland, OH, 44101-6405 

Payment of Claims: 
Where permitted by law, Benefit for loss of life is payable to the beneficiary designated by the Insured Person. If there is no such designated person, the payment of the claim shall be made to the first beneficiary who survives the Insured Person, as follows: 

A. Spouse or Partner of Fact; 
B. Children, in equal parts; 
C. Parents, in equal parts; 
D. Brothers and sisters, in equal parts; And 
E. Excuse the administrator. 

Subject to the applicable terms and conditions, All other benefits will be paid to the Insured Person or another corresponding party when necessary. The payment of any indemnity will be subject to the laws and governmental regulations that were in force in the location where the payment is made. 

† Each insurance benefit limit described in this Guide is expressed in United States Dollars (USD). The payment of claims will be made in local currency when required by law, with the official Foreign Currency Exchange Rates published on the date on which the payment of the claim is made. 

Important: Contact the financial institution that issued your card directly if you have questions about your account, such as account balance, Line of credit, billing inquiries (including transaction exchange rates), disputes with merchants, or information about additional services not described in this Guide. Your financial institution's phone number must be available on your monthly billing statement. 

General Provisions and Legal Notices 
 These benefits and services are effective as of January 1, 2016 for eligible Mastercard Cardholders. This document replaces any program guide or communication you may have previously received. The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. This document is not a Policy, nor a contract, Neither a guarantee nor a promise of insurance or other benefit. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies or other benefits, all of which are subject to change by Mastercard or the insurers or other service providers, at any time and without notice . The provision of services is subject to availability and legal restrictions. This insurance coverage is insured by AIG Insurance Company Approved Member Companies. The complete provisions related to these insurance plans are included in the Master Policy (s) found in the files of the Plan Administrator, Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. on behalf of Mastercard International Incorporate, Region of Latin America and the Caribbean, in Purchase, New York, USA. UU. If there is any discrepancy between this document and the Master Policy (s) or the corresponding Mastercard agreement for other benefits, the Master Policy (s) or the applicable agreement Of Mastercard for other benefits. The Insurance Company is the one that has the final power to decide the result of an insurance claim. 

Cancellation: Mastercard may cancel these benefits at any time or choose not to renew the insurance coverage of all Cardholders. The coverage or insurance benefits provided by these programs may terminate on the date indicated in the Master Policy between Mastercard International and the Insurance Company; Or terminated on the date your Mastercard is terminated or ceases to be a Valid Account, whichever occurs first. If a benefit / program is canceled, cardholders will be notified in advance, as soon as reasonably practicable. The effective time for any Cancellation referred to in this section will be 12:01 am Eastern Time. Any claim for Auto Insurance benefits that occurs prior to the effective date of cancellation will not be adversely affected by cancellation or non-renewal, subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Policy (s) (S). 

Valid Account: (1) In order to enjoy the benefits, coverage or services, your Mastercard card account must be open, valid and current; And 2) Yes, On the date of an accident, incident or incident that causes or results in a loss covered by an insurance plan, your account is not open, valid and up to date, or incurred in arrears, collection or cancellation, Will be paid and the coverage will not apply. 

Cardholder's Duties After a Loss (Due Diligence): You must use all reasonable means to avoid future loss at the time and after a loss occurs, and to fully comply with all of the duties described. This includes full cooperation with the Insurance Company, the Plan Administrator, and the Third Party Claims Administrator acting on behalf of Mastercard for programs or other services offered as benefits to a cardholder in the investigation, Evaluation and payment of a claim. 

Rights to Recover / Subrogation: If a payment is made according to Master Car Insurance, the insurance company has the right to recover such amounts from other parties or persons. Any party or person, in favor of whom or for whom the insurance company makes the payment, must transfer to the insurance company its rights to recover against any other person or party. The cardholder must do everything necessary to guarantee said rights and must not do anything that could put them in danger, or those rights will be recovered from the cardholder. 

Transfer of Rights: After a claim is paid under the Auto Insurance Policy Coverage, The rights and resources of the eligible Mastercard cardholder (or any third party beneficiary under this program) against any party with respect to such loss or damage shall be transferred to the insurance company. In addition to transferring such rights, the eligible Mastercard cardholder (or third parties who have received payments under this program) must provide the insurance company with all necessary assistance to secure their rights and resources and not act in a manner that Put in danger. 

Assignment: No right or benefit provided under Car Insurance shall be assigned without the prior written consent of the Insurance Company, the Plan Administrator or the Third Party Claims Administrator. 

Concealment, Fraud or False Statement: The coverage / benefits or insurance services described in this document will be voided, either before or after a loss or to make a service request, if you have intentionally concealed or distorted any fact or Important circumstance or has provided fraudulent information about the insurance plans or other services described in this document to: Mastercard International, the Insurance Company, the financial institution issuing the Card Account or any other company that Provide services and / or administration on behalf of these programs. 

Legal actions: No legal action can be taken to recover on a Policy until sixty (60) days have elapsed after the Insurance Company has received written proof of the loss. Said action may not be filed after three (3) years from the time it is required that the proof of loss be submitted in writing. 

Compliance with local statutes: Any provision of a Policy that, as of its effective date, conflicts with the statutes of the location in which the policy was delivered or issued for delivery is hereby amended to meet the minimum requirement of such statutes. 

Sanctions: AIG (the Company) and / or the corresponding Reinsurer shall not be responsible for providing any coverage or making any continuation of payment if doing so implies being in violation of any law or regulation of sanctions that would expose AIG (The Company) and / Or the corresponding Reinsurer, its parent company or its subsequent controlling entity to any sanction under any law or regulation of sanctions. 

Arbitration: Any dispute related to the terms of any Insurance Policy, Including any questions related to its existence, validity or termination shall be submitted to and resolved by arbitration, and in accordance with the arbitration rules / regulations of the location where your Mastercard card account has been issued. 

Confidentiality and Security: We may disclose all information we collect, as described above, to companies providing administrative services on our behalf only in connection with the insurance coverage you have received. We limit access to personal information to our employees, employees of our affiliates, or others who need to know that information to service the account or during the normal course of our business operations. To protect your personal information, We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. 

© 2017 Mastercard 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for the sole purpose of providing general information. It is not intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions or other provisions of any program or insurance benefit provided by, or to Mastercard, or issued to Mastercard. 


 Coverage: Up to $ 75,000 †. 
 Location: Global. 
 Term: Permanent. 

 For assistance or to request assistance with a claim contact the following telephone numbers: 

From the Dominican Republic: 888-245-7935
From Abroad: 1-636-722-8882

• In case of a claim, it is important to keep the original receipt showing that the payment was made in full with the Mastercard Black ™ card as well as copies and legible documentation of any information regarding the damages caused. More details on Terms and Conditions.