Mastercard® Business Black

More purchasing power means expanded possibilities

Get premium services and luxury amenities plus rewards, greater flexibility and higher spending limits. Gain the purchasing power you need to take care of business anytime, anywhere.

Mastercard Global Service™

Provides emergency card-related assistance, anytime, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call.


Provides personal assistance, including recommendations and reservations for dining, travel, hotels, and entertainment.

ATM Robbery & Assault Protection

Replaces stolen cash and/or provides a death benefit if robbed or assaulted at an ATM.


Pays for damages to a rental vehicle due to collision, theft, vandalism, or accidental fire when the cardholder initiates and pays for the entire rental transaction with the eligible Mastercard card.


Provides coverage against accidental death, dismemberment, or paralysis when traveling by a common carrier if the tickets are purchased with the eligible Mastercard card. 24-hour accidental death “Insured Journey” may also be provided.

Travel Assistance Services

Provides pre-trip destination information, emergency medical and legal referrals, tracing of lost luggage, and more.

MasterAssist™ Plus

Reimburses medical expenses, hotel convalescence, emergency family travel costs, and more.

Luggage Protection 

Reimburses cardholders when luggage they check in for travel on a common carrier is delayed or lost in transit. Benefits are in excess of the common carrier’s liability insurance. Assistance to locate lost luggage is also available.

Extended Warranty

Provides duplicate coverage on the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty on covered items up to 1 full year after either the original or store brand warranty plus the optional warranty coverage period ends, not to exceed 3 years. Available in select markets.

Purchase Protection*

Provides reimbursement for theft and/ or accidental damage of purchased items, up to 90 days after purchase. Available in select markets. *Benefit offered as optional in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the Dominican Republic.